Vancancies on GBV Prevetion and Response Project

Vancancies on GBV Prevention and Response Project
Funded by UNHCR

Position: GBV Officer

Locations: Bama, Banki, Ngala, MMC, Pulka, Mubi, and Yola

Job Purpose

The GBV Officer will be responsible for the timely and quality delivery of field level activities with technical support from the Program Officer. She/he will manage the team there and ensure the smooth running of program in close coordination with other GBV/Protection actors. She/he will ensure that survivor centered approach is adhered to and GBV survivors and other vulnerable women and girls receive prompt and comprehensive services.

Main Duties
  • Oversee case management including follow up on referrals and action plans, and support services provided to GBV survivors, ensuring that the survivors receive the minimum package
  • Work closely with the GBV Advisor,senior GBV officer and other officers to Initiate planning for longer-term GBV prevention and response activities, including referral pathway and standard operating procedures
  • Maintain, monitor and measure GBV project implementation and contribute to effective information management on GBV survivors, adhering to the national guidance on case management of survivors and the SOPs
  • Closely work with case workers, outreach workers etc to ensure that best practices are respected and international standards are met in responding and preventing GBV
  • Participate in capacity building initiatives for staff, partners and other stakeholders to ensure quality and comprehensive delivery of project activities
  • Develop plans and activities in line with project.
  • Facilitate the setting up and functional safe spaces for women and girls and supervise all safe space activities and community outreaches.
  • Conduct monitoring of program activities and ensure standards are followed.
  • Oversee the case management of the program and supervise case workers to implement effectively
  • Overall management of field based activities.
  • Conduct monitoring to partner activities in their various locations in close coordination with the M&E officer as may requested by supervisor.
  • Submit quality reports as scheduled including but not limited to weekly, monthly etc.
  • Carryout any other duties as outlined by the supervisor.
Required Knowledge, Skills, Experience, and Qualification
  • Proven experience in similar function desirable.
  • Experience in GBVIMS and case management
  • At least Degree in Psychology, Social Sciences, Public Health, Humanitarian Work, Nursing and any other related course.
  • At least Two years and above experience in similar position or related
  • Flexible and willing to work and stay in rural communities especially field based
  • Attended trainings on GBV and is aware of protection issues.

Position: GBV Case Worker

Locations: Bama, Banki, Ngala, MMC, Pulka, Mubi and Yola

Job Purpose

GBV Case Worker will be responsible to provide the day-to- day Management of all GBV cases and including the identification, documentation, developing case plans and follow up. Case management: Assessment of survivor needs, developing an action plan, implementing the pan, follow up and case closure processes in line with the GBV case management standard operating procedure and IASC guidelines on case management (SOP)

Main Duties
  • Provide quality case Management service to target population of implementation
  • GBV Case Worker will be responsible to provide the day-to- day Management of all GBV cases and including the identification, documentation, developing case plans and follow up.
  • Case management: Assessment of survivor needs, developing an action plan, implementing the pan, follow up and case closure processes in line with the GBV case management standard operating procedure and IASC guidelines on case management (SOP).
  • Ensures that Survivor Centred Approach Guiding principles is maintained and enforced while working with survivors including safe spaces, developing case plans and follow ups
  • Support individuals or survivors by supporting referral to other service providers (Health, legal counselling, shelter, livelihoods or mental health etc.)
  • GBV Case Worker will liaise directly with other service providers working within the camps communities where the project is implemented and facilitate referrals to other service providers (health including Mental health, Shelter, NFls and or legal providers, etc.
  • Provide direct support and care for vulnerable for survivors including basic information counselling and case management.
  • Ensure follow up and case closure processes in line with the GSBV case management standard operating procedure and IASC guidelines on case management (SOP).
  • Provide direct age appropriate support and care to vulnerable persons and survivors that include basic counselling.
  • Ensure Do No Harm principle of Do No Harm is observed and upheld in all the engagements
  • Produce monthly data and regular narrative reports of cases managed in collaboration with line manager and the M&E Officer.
  • Provide weekly case update to supervisor (SGBV/PSS Officers) including new cases identified, number of referrals, cases closed and follow ups.
  • Submit intake forms, to M&E officers to ensure proper database of cases and analysis of reported cases.
  • Ensure the principle of safety and confidentiality of beneficiaries’ data upheld.
  • Participate in Bi-Weekly supervision meeting with SGBV/PSS Officers
  • Maintain positive coordination and relationship with other partners at field level
  • Supports PSS officer and project overall in case of any need arising.
  • Provide input for weekly and staff activity reports
  • Ensures that Survivor Centred Approach Guiding principles maintained and enforced in while working with survivors including in safe spaces for women and girls.
  • Facilitate the setting up of information desk at the women and girls centre where adolescent and women of reproductive age can access Sexual Reproductive Health information.
  • Contribute within the women and girls centre to the identification of at risk girls, boys and women and ensure proper documentation
  • Support GBV at risk individuals or survivors by referring them when necessary and in respect of their consent to other service providers (Health, legal counselling, shelter, livelihoods or mental health etc.)
  • Provide direct support and care for vulnerable women and girls (including survivors of gender-based violence) including basic information counselling and
  • Provide direct age appropriate support and care to vulnerable adolescent and young women (including survivors of GBV that includes counselling and case management for under 18 years' survivors in line
  • Ensure Do No Harm analysis are carried out and the humanitarian principles are adhered to.
  • Supervisory experience.
    • Fluency in English, Hausa and Kanuri plus any other local languages in northeast Nigeria an advantage.
    • Good interpersonal skills to establish effective working relationships with all staff and key stakeholders externally.
    • Able to communicate effectively at all levels within the organisation, including relevant staff working for BOWDI.
    • Computer literate especially micro soft work, excel database and power point. Knowledge of other software an advantage.
    • Willingness and ability to take initiative not only in identifying problems but also in suggesting and implementing solutions.
    • Willingness to stay and work in remote areas as required.

    Position: PSS Officer

    Locations:Bama, Banki, Ngala, MMC, Pulka, Mubi and Yola

    Job Purpose

    The PSS Officer will work as part of a GBV Team and will be responsible for providing psychosocial services, including individual and group-based activities.

    Dimensions of Role
    • Provide age-appropriate case management to survivors of SGBV, including assessment of client needs; basic crisis counselling; supporting clients in developing a plan to address their individual needs and safely implementing this plan; support to clients in pursuing services from other service providers as per clients’ wishes
    • Provide overall psychosocial support target individuals
    • Provide essential information on available services and support survivors to access PSS services
    • Carry out community outreach and awareness raising on available PSS services
    • Develop and maintain effective working relationships with relevant stakeholders including community leaders and other humanitarian partners and service providers.
    • Document activities and client details in an accurate and timely manner using standardized tools and forms
    • Adhere to the GBV guiding principles throughout all GBV case management and psychosocial interventions. This includes ensuring confidentiality of survivors, and respect for their wishes and decisions.

    Position: Legal Officer

    Locations:MMC and Yola

    Job Purpose

    The legal officer with support the team in providing adequate legal support services for survivors referred to the legal unit. S/he will also Provide Legal counselling and advise for survivors.

    Dimensions of Role
    • Mediation.
    • Using oral or written platforms, legal Officers will be expected to provide details of follow to survivors and case managers, legal issues, potential liabilities and possible courses of actions.
    • Translating complicated legal terminology into language which the survivors, case managers and population of concern can understand, as well as taking all possible legal problems into consideration before making any recommendations.
    • All recommendations which the Legal Officer makes must be in complete compliance with the law and the survivor centered approach, and must also strive to minimize risk of the survivors and population of concern.
    • Refer survivors for legal court services to organization providing such services
    • Creating awareness and sensitization Awareness and Sensitization on Human rights and GBV

    • Standards of Professional Conduct:

      The BOWDI and BOWDI workers must adhere to the values and principles outlined in the Code of Conduct. These are Integrity, Service, and Accountability. In accordance with these values, the BOWDI operates and enforces policies on Beneficiary Protection from Exploitation and Abuse, Child Safeguarding, Harassment-Free Workplace, and several others.

    Position: M & E Officer

    Locations: MMC and Yola

    Job Purpose

    The Monitoring and Evaluation Officer to support the implementation of the Project in the context of north-eastern Nigeria. The purpose of this role is to provide timely, accurate information on project implementation and ensure that monitoring and evaluation are in line with specific project FAD/donor requirements. The role’s support is to achieve accountability, transparency and programme quality in project locations. The post holder is to ensure that project activities are in line with the Logical Framework and relevant guidelines.

    Dimensions of Role
    • Communicates with the M&E coordinator and across BOWDI, with Donor and field level implementing partners. The post holder will support the establishment of a systematic Monitoring and Evaluation system.
    • The post holder will interface and support programme team members and programme coordination. The role requires strong facilitation and organisational skills along with the ability to analyse and communicate complex information to all staff, partners and other stakeholders.

    Key Roles/Responsibilities

    In collaboration with the Field Team, M&E coordinator and other relevant staff, the M&E officer will:

    • Support the development and implementation of program M&E plans to capture project performance and results, including data reporting, assessments, and all monitoring and evaluation activities
    • Support the development of data flow pattern for project that will ensure timely data collection and reporting
    • Support to ensure that M&E-specific elements of local partner capacity strengthening plans are successfully implemented
    • Report results of M&E activities by providing written documentation about progress toward achieving indicators/targets, as appropriate.
    • Provide leadership at project location level on M&E to ensure the program technical integrity to achieve program goal and corresponding objectives and targets
    • Ensure high-quality implementation, in close collaboration with the Field based team, sector Specialists and the M&E Manager, and consistency in protocols, information and reporting system.
    • Lead efforts at project location to monitor and evaluate project interventions, document results and provide feedback to stakeholders to guide decision-making.
    • Lead efforts to utilize training monitoring systems to track and monitor trainers and participants at training events to facilitate follow-up and recordkeeping.
    • Utilize the training data collected to inform strategic decision-making and project planning.
    • Support targeted evaluations and operations research, including design, data collection, management and analysis.
    • Ensure quality of data through data verification procedures, including routine data quality audits.
    • Support to ensure that relevant data (5Ws, 3Ws and related MIS data) are entered into organization-wide data management system designed to capture, analyse, and disseminate project data.
    • Facilitate M&E capacity-building activities with project staff and implementing partners.

    Qualifications and Experience

    Bachelor's degree and minimum of 2- year of work experience in monitoring and evaluating humanitarian emergency response programs, with an organisation with a robust M&E component. Prior experience with BOWDI or other partner organization is preferred.

    Skills & Knowledge:
    • Proven expertise in quantitative and qualitative methodologies, research, reporting, data quality assessments, data analysis and presentation.
    • Demonstrated strong management, coordination, teamwork and planning skills with proven ability to function effectively with multiple counterparts in private, public and NGO sectors.
    • Strong understanding of M&E, policy and compliance requirements.
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English including excellent facilitation skills and demonstrated technical writing skills for publication.
    • Familiarity with M&E for GBV and General Protection
    • Ability to work in a complex environment with multiple tasks, short deadlines and intense pressure to perform.
    • Strong technical skills, including ability to process and analyse data using one or more statistical software packages
    • Proficiency in Microsoft Office packages (Excel/Word document)

    Position: Procurement Officer

    Locations: MMC

    Job Purpose

    Prepare procurement documents in line with BOWDI’s procurement procedures and according to set procurement plan. Check and receive purchase requisitions and initiate the procurement process according to BOWDI's procurement regulations.

    Dimensions of Role
    • Check procurement documents (Bid analysis, Purchase orders and Payment documents etc...) and submit to signatories for verifications and approvals.
    • Follow up with supplies and organize for delivery of materials.
    • Conduct regular market surveys to identify suitable and reliable suppliers and service providers
    • Maintain updated vendor data base at area level
    • Update and share the procurement tracker on weekly and monthly basis.
    • Submit invoices from suppliers and the relevant procurement documents to finance attaching a procurement checklist to ensure all required procurement documents have been attached.
    • Contribute to capacity Building of Procurement and non procurement staff to understand procurement systems and policies.
    • Provide anti-corruption, transparency and cost-efficiency focus in all procurement processes

    Position: Programs Officer

    Locations: MMC and Yola

    Job Purpose

    The GBV Program Officer provides broad support to the development, implementation, monitoring and follow up of BOWDI's GBV Program in Borno/Adamawa. The post holder will need to deliver effective, highly competent project support and is expected to consistently deliver in a person-centered environment, which promotes positive relationships. The officer must ensure timely and cost-effective implementation of program activities, supports the program / project development, as well as reporting, monitoring and implementation of plans.

    Dimensions of Role
    • Contribute to the development of work plans, monitoring plans, and compile progress reports of the programme.
    • Based on work plan, organize trainings, workshops and local level events in collaboration with local partners and government stakeholders.
    • Conduct frequent field visits and monitor project implementation; identify and address implementation challenges in collaboration with BOWDI team based in Borno/Adamawa.
    • Participate in the design and implementation of assessments and program reviews;
    • Contribute in development of funding applications, project proposals, concept notes, work plans, monitoring plans, and compile progress reports as per BOWDI and donor requirements in collaboration with implementing partners and program/ communication/finance team
    • Ensure the alignment of programming with GBV core elements on prevention and service provision;
    • Provide feedback and implement project changes and interventions to achieve project outputs, ensure activities are delivered on time and as per the planned budget;
    • Undertake any other duties within the post holders’ capabilities as appropriate.

    Position: Social Worker

    Locations: MMC, Bama, Ngala, Banki, Pulka, Mubi and Yola

    Job Purpose

    The Social worker will be responsible for advocacy or raise awareness on trending issues in Camps of the project location.Social workers help people cope with challenges in their lives. They help with a wide range of situations Advocacy is an important aspect of social work. Social workers

    Dimensions of Role
    • Arranging appropriate care, resources or benefits to target population
    • Liaise closely with the communities in identifying the social needs with regards to SGBV prevention and response.
    • Support overall project implementation by working closely with team members
    • Maintain professional relationships with service users, acting as guides and advocates.
    • Identify cases when need be and refer survivors to internal services within safe spaces.
    • Support follow- ups on all referrals by closely working with case workers
    • Provide accurate and timely information about services available to survivors within safe spaces
    • Accompany survivors to referred services at request of case workers, SGBV Officers or PSS Officers.
    • Ensure that all service users' files are securely stored.
    • Maintain confidentiality with cases they received and data related.
    • Work closely with volunteers and other team members.
    • Provide input for weekly and staff activity reports

    Gender Equality:

    BOWDI is committment towards ensuring the gender gap in leadership positions is applaudable. We offer benefits that provide an enabling environment for women to participate in our workforce including parental leave, gender-sensitive security protocols and other supportive benefits.

    Working Environment:

    BOWDI is an Equal Opportunity Employer. BOWDI considers all applicants on the basis of merit without regard to race, sex, color, national origin, religion, age, marital status, disability or any other characteristic protected by applicable law.

    Method of Application

    Interested and qualified candidates should please click on the button below to apply on or before 16th December, 2020.