About Us

Women are the bedrock of every society, Communities can only be healthy and strong if we are able to breed a strong, powerful, confident, courageous and focused women. This is an organization created to build up a strong women societies by supporting girls and women especially those affected by insurgency here in Nigeria, specifically Borno State

BOWDI is the acronym for Borno Women Development Initiative, a movement to serve as means of educating, enlightening and training of our Girls an d women, exposing them to social environment as developing society. There is no doubt about the fact that most Borno Girls/Women are at the moment in a state of agony, vulnerable to various societal problems and life risks. This is as a result of the difficult living as a result of current insecurity activities across the state, which has subjected them to living randomly at camps as refugees. Leaving them without education or any of its relevance

This problem as widely seen, has no concrete solution for the time been, and we fear it can further lead our Girls/Women into a hard way of life. And various dangers especially as they are fragile and thus, needs any form of help to keep them safe. The founding of this movement is to safeguard the image and develop our Girls/Women, Salvage and build their future to add to the economy and reduce the level of illiteracy/ignorance in our communities, especially those affected by the insurgency. This is a course for everyone to put a collective effort , to ensure we help those victims grow a healthy and strong societies. BOWDI is therefore, focused on creating awareness in Girls/Women to set up an unbreakable state and Nation at wide, starting from classroom education to the girl-child, health issues discussion and skills training for our teenage girls/Women. There is importance in Noting that, this is a voluntary, Non-Profitable, Non-governmental and not a political organization, Strictly focused on developing Girls/Women for the benefit of the younger generations

Borno Women Development Initiative (BOWDI) is a youth-led registered NonGovernmental, Non-profit Organization in Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria. The organization has over 100 working staff and 200 volunteers. BOWDI has been active in Humanitarian and development activities in the Northeast especially in the areas of education, peace-building, advocacy, food security, livelihood and protection. The organization has registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and Social Control Unit against Money Laundering (SCULM) in Nigeria in 2014 and 2013 respectively. It has been a member of the protection sector working group, GBV subworking group and Education in Emergency working groups in Borno state. BOWDI has collaborated with many agencies in Borno like the UNFPA, Like-Minds Project, FIDA, GEPADC, Victims Support Funds (VSF), Advisory Committee on Safe School return, Presidential Committee on Northeast Initiatives (PCNI) etc. and state agencies like State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) and State Ministry of Women Affairs (MWASD) to carry out its activities. We have worked with sister NGOs like NEYIF in Yobe and currently making advances into Yola

BOWDI's mission is to promote social justice for women/girls and boys, to produce a poverty free environment by providing access to education for children and empowering women, by mitigating and preventing Sexual and Gender Based Violence

Core values






Constructive Engagement



To educate children thereby preventing them from being part of terror activities and molding their future

To build healthy society of strong, educated and independent women

To partner with gov't and Organizations in providing access to education for children

To train girls and women on various productive hand work and providing them with various materials and capital

To organize workshops, seminars and talking sessions to expose them into the social world, creating conducive atmosphere for development

To enlighten teenage girls about personal health, first aid and SGBV in their immediate environment

Working Approach

The organization is committed to encourage active participation of the communities in the development of social and economic aspects of the society through their involvement in planning, decision making and implementation of activities. The planned or undertaken programs by the organization keep the aspects of sustainability, gender, social harmony and accountability at the forefront