Founder's Note

Founders Photo

I created this organization on the perspective of building healthy society of strong and focused women, with the conscience of a developed and sustainable community for a better living, by providing long-term workable solutions to backwardness in our communities, also provide our girls/women with the opportunity to being independent. This can further reduce gender inequality and alleviating poverty within our territories

My goals I believe can only be achieved through collective efforts from individuals, Cooperate groups and other organizations, to pull out our girls/women especially those affected by insurgent attacks from a state of ignorance, illiteracy and poverty. I see this as an opportunity for the general public to help our victims, by providing them with a balance social environment, which as a result will give them hope for the future

BOWDI staff had different opportunities with partner organizations in the humanitarian and development hub, and had used the avenue to train its staffs and volunteers in various areas of capacity building. BOWDI works with consultants in strategic areas of accounting and monitoring and evaluation that supports and keep checks on all the accounting department and overallimpacts of the organization from time to time, ensuring that all transactions and payments are guided by policies and are done accurately